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Waldemar Skrobacki

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Case Study and Response Axis I – Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) Justification: From reviewing the DSM-IV-TR, Kate’s actions seem to fit the criteria for Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Kate (1) displays compulsions by repeatedly washing her hands that she feels she needs to carry out in response to her obsession. Secondly, she (2) realizes that her compulsions, for example, washing grocery items and drying them with a ‘special cloth’ is far too excessive and unreasonable. Kate’s (3) compulsions have caused her social relationship problems with her family and friends; for instance, they tend to find her “annoying”. Also, her compulsions take up more than an hour a day and significantly interfere with her occupational functioning in that she quits her job due to the fact that her workplace was suffused with germs. Since Kate (4) was never on medication at the time of her admission, her compulsions have nothing to do with any p
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