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Lecture 13


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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lec 13 Applying Extinction Willy 54 man is a new resident. Issue is whether he complies with instruction by staff mem. He is gender specific. If male ask, he comply but with female, he combat and make sexist comments. It’s a macro behavior. The female staff member explains him and thus he receive their attention which is getting reinforced. Staff removed this reinforcement by not paying attention. Examples: Child tantrum behavior- engaging in maladaptive act Young child run from street. The mother offers a tangible reward like Popsicle to return. Child with autism flicks his hands in front of his head. The response is not social. He is providing himself with a visual reinforcer. We wanna address that why? Because these autistic children are socially detaching themselves from others. As they become alienated, they get less involved in daily activities. Dog running after someone. Person gets away from dog and the fear diminishes. Patient calls nursing staff again and again without any medical issue. That is quite irritating bcz staff can use that time in doing something more productive. Worker breaks the assembly line so he can get to eat the food. Never make assumption about reinforcer for a person or situation. Ex. Iwata reinforcements for 3 children were different; one was getting reinforced by attention, other was by teacher’s demands, and last one by sensory stimulus. Can u actually eliminate the reinforcement? Is it under your control? maybe not. If you don’t have the excess to that variable then don’t use extinction. Problem behavior can change in multitude ways e.g. extinction burst or self injurious behavior with SIB occurs when using extinction. So we need to be careful & make sure that it’s not dangerous/unsafe. Can you tolerate extinction burst? You need to be very realistic. If you are dealing with child, the volume goes double and child might throw things around the house. This could be over whelming. Can you actually be consistent? This is very imp. When you are not consistent, then it’s intermittent reinforcement. If one person starts to reinforce a behavior, you are implementing reinforcement again. This makes the behavior more resilient in future. We wanna know how often behavior occurs, definition of this behavior and what behavior modification is appropriate to use. Make sure you use reliable data collection method. The method is going to capture every level of behavior. Use a decent window of time (certa
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