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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Amanda Uliaszek

Lec6 Feb15  Operant Conditioning  Lecture 6: February 15, 2013 - Positively punishing= adding something aversive to decrease the behavior - Negatively punish= you remove/get rid of sth desirable to decrease the behavior. Eg. Refuse to talk to bf if he forgot the V-day. OR burn out his clothes negative punishment  Review of Operant Principles  Reinforcement  Types of reinforcers ◦ Natural vs. Programmed Natural Reinforcer: consequence follows naturally from behavior. Brush teethteeth get clean Programmed Reinforcer: sth extra comes to you, not naturally. Brush teethand you get a dollar. ◦ Unconditioned vs. Conditioned Unconditioned: you never have to learn it, you naturally know how to do it. From infancy, automatically reinforcing. Food, water, warmth. Conditioned: things you have to learn over time, so that they were reinforcing.  Positive Reinforcement  Tangible reinforcer  Consumable ~  Activity ~  Social ~er: in a social interaction: praise  Feedback ~: ppl gives you comments about what you’re wearing, doing  Negative Reinforcement  Escape: bad thing is already happening, trying to do sth to get it to stop  Eg. control ppl cutting themselves– negative reinforce  Avoidance: you’re avoiding bad things from happening in the first place  Eg. Kids lie to parents—try to avoid getting punishment for doing sth wrong  Effective Reinforcement  Reward value  Timing  Motivating operations  Punishment  Must decrease behavior  Types of punishment ◦ Natural vs. Programmed ◦ Unconditioned vs. Conditioned  Positive Punishmen
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