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Michael Inzlicht

Emotions lec 7 Cognitive approach to emotion -everything is about planning concern and action tendencies -pribram: super adaption oriented, our goal is to be even, when something happens there is a disturbance -emotion is perturbation disruption of normal ongoing activity -when things don’t fit, our body tells us things to fit, and we’re signaled that we have to deal with this situation -the changing meaning of the word emotion, it took us out of motion -prigram wants us to be able to use our bodies as a single for the need to implement strategies -prigram wants you to shut out unnecessary distracters (inhibit peripheral) and focus in on important info to help you adapt (focus on critical points) -those with ptsd can’t shut it down -the value of emotions wakes you up and say something is going on, and focus on the input to respond to the demands Oatley Johnson-laird -everything is goal and concerns -what they call emotion has signal value going to interrupt your goals and concerns -at each choice points that’s where emotions emerge -has to do with nature of stimulus and functional value -emotions are redesigned in terms of the facilitation inhibition or achievement of goals -the brain is organized in modules, engineering analysis of emotions, help you strategize -intrasystematic, in the mind have diff zones of communication that communicate with each other -organization of adaptive behavior that can happen in ind or among pairs -phenomenology: science of experience -emotions are about something -emotion at least 3 parts: something think about, bodily and expression in the face -all modules are governed by the big plan, there is a chain of commands- 1960s information theory of emotions -we are only consciously aware of the top -something out there aroused you -complex emotions always imply the self -shame is an emotion that always implies to the society Roseman’s -everything is about appraising -the earlier behavioral model in psych spoke about drive and habit then they brought in expectations and importance of goals (value) -agency: it’s a behaviorally oriented theory about goals…then they shve emotions in there as though they fit -qualities of handling the situation 5 of themes, this is a reflection of magda Arnold Jim averill -cognitive humanistic side of the cognitive approach to emotion -emotions are tied to culture -in diff cultures people have diff kind of emotional experiences depending on how those cultures see the world -diff cultures have different fundamental meaning about life -your in a sit and have an emotion, the emotion was produced by the situation, I was overwhelemed but the situation, that’s what you have in your head, your imagining your helpless -averill says oyu play a role in your emotional experience -your failing to acknowledge the fact that your setting up the situation -you feel your overtaken by the emotion -don’t need all the components to experience an emotion -things are going on in the culture, the body and mind, and under certain circumstances they come together to create an emotion, diff cultures have diff words, when that happens you’re perceiving and interpreting -the minute they all come together, it becomes self sustaining E
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