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Konstantine Zakzanis

Behavior ModificationsChapter 12Behavioural Skills Training ProceduresFour behavioralproceduresmodeling instructions rehearsal and feedbackused together in training sessions to help a person acquire useful skills Ex Maria is unable to say no so she sees a psychiatrist and he creates situations at work in which Maria role plays herself and he roleplays the a coworkero He describes how to respond more assertively and demonstrates the behavior o Maria then gets the time to practice it and make the assertive response in the roleplayo The psych praises her and tells her where she needs to improveEx Teaching children how to protect themselves from abductionComponents of Behavioural Skills Training Procedures Modeling The correct behavior is demonstrated for the learnerThe learner observes the behavior and then imitates the response The learner has to be able to pay attention to the model and perform the behavior the model has demonstrated called an imitative repertoireA models behavior becomes an SD for imitation and imitation becomes a generalized response class which means that imitation is likely to occur in the future when a behavior is modeled for the learner Symbolicvideotape audiotape or a cartoon or movie A number of factors influence the effectiveness of modelingo When the exhibit correct behaviorshould be followed by a reinforce o Should resemble the people observing the model or should have high status ex Teachers have high status or celebrities or sports stars o Complexity of the model depends on the learner Too complexlearner may not learn anything from it Too simplemay not pay attentiono Has to pay attentiondraw attention to important aspects of the model behavior o Must occur in the proper contextin a real situation or in the context of a role play of the real situationo Should be repeated as often as necessary to learn ito Should be modeled in a variety of ways and enhance generalizationso Should have the opportunity to rehearse as soon as possible after observing the model InstructionsDescribe the appropriate behavior for the learner Should be specificShould also specifiy the circumstances in which the behavior should occuro Specify the antecedent and the correct behavior and the specific consequence Factors o Presented at a level that can be understood by the learnero Deliviered by someone who has creditabilityo Learner should have the opportunity to rehearse the behavior as soon as possible after receiving instructionso Instructions should be paired with modelingenhance the behavior
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