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Zachariah Campbell

Ch 11-psyb45 A complex behavior consisting of many component behaviors that occur together in a sequence is called behavioral chain. You can engage in a particular behavior in the sequence only if the previous behavior in the sequence has been completed. Each component behavior in the chain depends on the occurrence of the previous behavior. Analyzing stimulus response chains A behavioral chanin is often called stimulus response chain. Each behavior or response in the chain produces a stimulus change that acts as an DS for the next response in the chain. Each response creates the stimulus situation that is the DS for the next response. Each subsequent response in the chain occurs because the previous response created the DS that has stimulus control over that response. We can make the outcome of the chain more reinforcing by means of establishing operation. Establishing operations increases the likelihood that you will start the behavior chain. Task analysis The process of analyzing a behavioral chain by breaking it down into its individual stimulus- response components is called a task analysis. The first step is to indentify all the behaviors that are necessary to perform the task, then identify the DS associated with each behavior, you must have detailed task analysis that gives you an accurate understanding of each stimulus response component. A task analysis to identify the right sequence of behavi
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