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PSYB45 Chapter 1

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 1: Intro to Behaviour Modification Behaviour: is what people do and say Characteristics of behaviour:  NOT static=meaning it is not a label, but involves a description of the behaviour, e.g saying an angry person vs. Identification of what people say and do when they get angry.  Have dimensions including: Frequency=the number of times a behaviour occurs Duration=the time from when an instance of a behaviour starts until it stops Intensity=the physical force involved in the behaviour Latency=the speed of behaviour from one event (stimulus) to the start of the behaviour  Can be observed, described and recorded by others or by the person  Have an effect of the physical environment (e.g turning a light switch ), on the social environment (e.g raising your hand in the class and the prof responds) and on yourself (e.g recalling a phone number)  It is lawful=meaning its occurrence is influenced by the environment  Can be overt and covert Overt=an action that can observed and recorded by another person other than one engaging in the behaviour Covert=an action/s that cannot be observed or recorded by other people (e.g thinking) Behaviour Modification: is the field of psychology concerned with analyzing and modifying human behaviour Behaviour Modification Characteristics 1. Focus on behaviour =to change problems associated with behaviour rather than labelling Target behaviour: is the behaviour to be modified Behavioural excess: is undesirable target behaviour that the person wants to decrease in frequency, duration and intensity eg. smoking Behavioural deficit: is a desirable behaviour that the prson wants to increase in frequency, duration and intensity e.g exercising and studying 2. Based on behavioural principles Experimental behaviour analysis=simply the s
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