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Lecture 20

lecture 20 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 20 We have immediate reinforcers for our problem behaviour o Problem behaviour is going to be relative to the circumstance o Delayed reinforcers for alternative desired behaviours Eg university student and your friend brought movie for 3 hrs so ask you if want to watch movie or go to class o So although you might like the movie, you should probably study for the exam first o Everytime we go through our life we have an opportunity to chose a sequence of circumstances o If you recognize that and you dont take that as a setback then youre better off than the rest Eg some people take behaviour mod program to change something like their health o Eg lose 600 calories a day o So they jump into it o But then they dont succeed o Even if they are really motivated they dont succeed o So why is this? o Drastic So why is it too drastic? Too many factors, steps at once If you respond gradually its better o So training your body to react a certain way to your environment o If do it too fast your body isnt used to it o That behaviour of eating too much food and not exercising is gradual o So if you want to move back 10 yrs to where you were before you have to do it gradually
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