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Lecture 18

lecture 18 notes

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 18 Children eating lead-based paint Pain inducing punishers o Physical o Activate pain receptors o Picture shows a device which children had to wear and theyd get shocked each time they did the behavior Two types of positive punishment o Punishment by aversive activities Overcorrection Eg if student did graffiti on the wall o Would get student to clean it up and then more stuff Restitution o Where you fix something up to the point of 100% Positive practice o Getting someone to do positive behavior even though maybe related to the bad behavior??? Azrin et al. study o Simple correction on graph is restitution o Then after go to overcorrection o Eg for people who stole something o Restitution is giving it back o Overcorrection is also giving something of your own o So automatically sending a signal to nervous system that not going to gain anything out of doing this Contingent
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