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Lecture 16

lecture 16 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 Lecture 16 Time out and response cost are negative punishment behaviors Application question 2 o Before intervention the parents gave in to handle the behavior to settle the dispute Normal public thinks this is probably a normal way to deal with the situation Application question 3 o Response cost procedure to teach Hillarys parents Punishment o This section is all about the remove of stimulus while Fridays class is all about presentation of a stimulus o Never ever ever want to use punishment unless youve already taken a look at all the other procedures and considered them o It can be negativepositive but it is always controversial in nature o In behavior mod it is strictly defined by behavior change (dont really care technically if it hurts or not, we care about whether it makes a difference) In behavior mod amount of pain is very tiny, maybe a slight discomfort but thats it o Should always start with NEGATIVE punishment and this is the least discomforting Time out o Picture of room Positive aspects Nothing in the room that can distract the child Padding The window in the door should preferably be a one-way mirror window o So that you can monitor the child
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