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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
George Cree

PSYB57 Week 10 Judgment DefinitionsJudgment Process we use to think about evidence make inferences and reach conclusionsDeduction Situation where we start with some general statement and figure out what specific claim flows from itInduction Situation where we start with specific factobservation and draw some general conclusion from them ie gravity chairsAlgorithm Guaranteed route to an outcomeHeuristic Shortcut strategy that risks error to gain efficiency speedInductive Reasoning Reaching Conclusions form Evidence In inductive reasoning the premises are based on observations form 1 specific cases and we generalize to a conclusions Observation Here in Toronto the sun has risen every morning Conclusion The sun is going to rise in Toronto tomorrow Observation Every swan Ive seen in Toronto is white and recently I visited my brother in Stratford and the swans I saw were white as well Conclusion All swans are white Judgements about likelihood in the face of uncertainty In situation where exact probabilities arent know how do our intuitive judgments about likelihoods diverge form mathematical probability theory Evidence suggests humans are not endowed w
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