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Lecture 9

Human Brain & Behavior--Lecture 9.doc

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 9The LobesThe Occipital LobesMain functionvision which is 55 of cortical functionNot defined by any particular sulcus everything posterior to the line drawn from the parietal occipital sulcus to occipital notch not on diagramCalcarine sulcuswhere primary vision takes place V1 lies alongFusiform gyrusspans across the inferior temporaloccipital lobesSubdivisions of the Occipital CortexArea V1laminar stripedlayered experience organization most distinct of all cortical areas conscious perception of raw aspects of visionStriate cortexanother name for visual cortex due to its striped appearance at microscopic levelColor visionprimary job of V4 but distributed throughout occipital cortexNomenclaturehigher numberfurther removed from initial processing of raw sensory informationConnections of the Visual CortexPrimary visual cortex V1oInput from LGN tectopulvinar doesnt lead to V1oOutput to all other levelsSecondary visual cortex V2oOutput to all other levelsAlter V2oOutput to the parietal lobeDorsal StreamoOutput to the inferior temporal lobeVentral StreamoOutput to the superior temporal sulcus STSSTS StreamVisual PathwaysDorsal streamvisual guidance of movements disorders of apraxia can affect thisVentral streamobject perception
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