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PSYB65 Lecture 5 Schizophrenia very debilitating condition hear people talking to themDelusionsaffective disordersfive genes involved in schizophrenia age of onset is prior than 30 yrsearly adulthoodneuropsychological tests show poor performance on frontal lobe tasks show poor performance on verbalnonverbal memory most neuropsychological tests show that theyre completelynormal no tumourenlarged ventricles and lighter brains meds are large tranquillers unsure if it is genetic or medication 1100 prevalent disease 1015 of patients are also schizophrenicin family Dizygotic twins not identical ratio of prevalence is around1015 that the other twin will be schizophrenic Identical twins the prevalence is 4075environmental factors alter probability 12 cases of twins separated first yr of life one twin has to be schizophrenic o 912 of schizophrenic not purely genetic but predominant factorgenetic Psychopharmacology of SchizophreniaAntihistaminesdrugs that calm people downDrugs that were used to calm people down were most effective for treatment were dopamine antagonistsMost used were phenothiazines Class of drugs and chlorpromazine most commonly prescribed block receptive sites for monoaminesdrugs that were most effective were selective as they used more and more drugs in blocking the dopamine receptoralso if they stimulated dopamine receptors amphetamine give schizophrenia this amphetaminestimulate dopamine sy
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