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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Ted Petit

PSYB65 LECTURE 9 History y started during WWIIsoldiers adults with diff brain damage had diff psych probs y wounds to L hemisphere o 100 showed some aphasic symptoms lang in L hemi o 30 showed some recoverymost we L handedambidextroushandedness important in lang L handed less likely to have probs more likely to recover y wounds to R hemisphere o few lang probs and rarely had any form of aphasiapeople with aphasia were usually L handed recovered y results o R handedlang develops in L hemi less recovery with injury o L handedlang in both hemis greater recovery with injury Language in kids y averagewalk1y talk2yy under 5ydamage to either side has equal probability of producing aphasic symptoms y lang in both hemis 100 show some recovery y lang is plasticstarts in both hemis and moves to L if R handed and late in development Acallosal adultsborn without corpus callosum y
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