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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Ted Petit

Psychiatric DisordersNeurodegenerative DisordersLecture 6Pyschiatric DisordersSchizophreniaMost commonly associated with hallucinations auditory hear someone talking to themdelusions weird thoughtsSudden age of onset 30 years after this agequite rarePredictors But there are early indications or predictors of it in childhood usually dont have warm relationships with peopleNeurolopsychological SymptomsPoor performance on tests that test frontal lobe functionDeficits in memory tests verbal or nonverbalOther tests show that theyre completely normalSo is it the frontal lobe thats a problem or a memory problem Take into account that these people have been on antipsychotic medication for a long time So this could account for memory problemsEnlarged ventricles and lighter brain weightThis could also be an effect of the medicationGenetic Studies1960sdominated by Freudian perspective1 of the population is schizophrenia 1 out of 100 people have itIf you look at the immediate family10 to 15 have it not 1so there could be a genetic componentSo it maybe a biological disorder with psychological consequencesReal cause is actually neurological genetically transmitted neurological disorderTwin StudiesDizygotic Twins nonidentical1 twin with schizophrenia so they checked out the other twinAbout 1015 of them if one had it the other did too same as immediate familyMonozygotic identicalIf one had it 4075 of them also had itSo clearly there is a strong genetic component even though its not 100Pharmacological Breaks HistoryAntihistaminesFound that they caused a calming effect in individuals makes you drowsyDecided to try them on schizophrenicssomewhat helpfulAntipsychotic DrugsMost effective drugs to calm them downDopamine Antagonists in particular were most helpfulones that reduced the functional activity of dopamineFrom the Phenothiazines classChlorpromaz in particularKnew it was effective but did not know whyThe various drugs they initially tested blocked the receptor sites for norepinephrine seratonin and dopamineThey later found those that were most effective were those that blocked dopamine receptors
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