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Lecture 10

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Ted Petit

thLecture 10 PSYB65November 28 2011 How is speech organized in the left hemisphere of individualsmost language comes in through temporal area there is an area called Wernickes area where language is received where language gets out in the motor cortexBrocas area language comes in through area decoded recodedget it out in terms of speaking languagespeech motor output is an association cortex which is of higher order Brocaswhen these areas get damaged it leads to aphasialarge language problems scientifically correctdysphasiaalexiaproblem in readingagraphiaproblem in writing 3 major categories of aphasias 1 receptive aphasia receiving and understanding languagedecoding 2 integrative aphasiaproblems in comprehension and formation of language3 expressive aphasia problems in expressing language and getting language outWays to test aphasia Can you touch your nose can you follow commands ie simplest thing is to point to the ceilingcan you identify an object such as keys more specifically for languagecan they readwrite whatever is said or can have them repeatReceptive Aphasias 1 Pure Word Deafness problems relating incoming sounds into representations which allow the understanding of discourse person can hear sounds but they cannot distinguish languagevoice comes but no words i can hear sounds come i can hear but i cannot understand it they hear themselves but it doesnt make any sense they hear gibberish damage just outside the primary receptive area or within the area Integrative Aphasias 6problems in selecting and arranging meaningful units and their eventual conversion into comprehensiblecoherent speech 1 Wernickes Aphasia most severejargon speechthey makespeak unintelligible statementshas the tonal qualities of speech is intact because in the right hemisphere it does sound like English and correct but in nonsensical
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