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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Hilscher

PSYC18 J 6 How do emotions pertain to the body? 1. Emotions and body action o Particular emotions can cause particular emotion sequences Allows organism to react according to the event Reflex helps keep the organism alive L[} }Ko]Z}LZ N E.g. if a snake jumps at u from behind a glass, you will still jump back even though you know that there is a glass separating you two o Harvey Carr K}]}LZZLZL}}L[ZL]LZ]L ZooZ}Z}} E.g. if a snake jumps at you and yo}L[]LZ]L ooEK l7ZL}]oo experience emotions N Emotion is adaptive N Emotion signals that there is a problem in responding N And is a form of energy you rely on to solve a problem o John B. Watson Emotions are innate instincts N there are particular things in the environment that are unconditioned stimuli that result in an unconditioned response N E.g. when a mouse comes out of its nest and sees a hawk, it runs for shelter instinctually N E.g. animal shows rage when in contact with a competitor o Unconditioned emotional response Emotions change with the hormonal system Emotions are instinctual but we can change them through learning N E.g. if you have a fear of snakes, it may be related to instinct, but it can be alleviated o Emotions help Heuristics (short-cuts) for adaptive behaviour N E.g. tells you when you touch a hot surface and how to respond Tells us what is good or bad for us Help and organism to maintain homeostasis when a particular reaction is required or tell you when to stop an ongoing activity o Emotions also hinder Yerkes-Dodson Law N When you have low arousal you perform badly o E.g. if you are tired you do badly on a test N When you have high arousal you perform badly o E.g. too much mental energy, jittering to do well N Moderate level of arousal produces optimum performance 2. Emotions and bodily feelings o Emotions can cause how the body feels o How the body feels can also cause emotions o E.g. disgust makes you want to vomit, vomiting makes you feel disgusted o Conventional
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