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Gerald Cupchik

LEC 4C18Cultureobjective explicit eg Clothes food art and subjective implicit eg Ideas theories psych processes elementsdiff culturediff beliefs on emotionSocial Construction everything is a product of culture ideas shape our creationsPsych Process1Eticsuniversal across cultures basic 6 emotions2Emicsspecific across culturesdiff objectsdiff emotionsaDisplay Rulediff expression for SAME emotionbEmotions diff antecedents intensity expressionWestern Attitude Toward Emotions OatleyNonWestern implicit ambivalent attitude were unaware of it and we dont know Attitude Towardwhich one to followdepends on John Lockemistakes come from emotions are easiest to each cultureapproach british enlightenmentreasonscienceemotionnot always Rousseauno knowledge wout emotiongerman romantic cognitiontradiationemotionreasonemotionCulture is bound to be ambivalentUNIVERSALITYFACIAL EXPRESSIONSUNIVERSALITY in EMOTION ANTECEDENTSEkman FriesenTomkinswhich universalwhat triggers emotionsemotionsExp1 Photos to US Argentina Brazil BoucherBrantChileJapanExp describe scenarios causing you to Led to 6 Basicsfeel X emotionproblem all industrialized nations tainted Result same antecedentsame emotion by contact w westsnake under bed USMalaysiaExp2 New Guinea Tribesphotographs Scherer et Alof expression6 Basics common elicitors regardless of cultureProblem Spontaneous Expressionjoyfriend rlspachievementexpressing wout feeling it may be angerinjusticedifferentsadnessdeathExp3 American and Japanesesolved for spontaneous expression secret videotaping6 basic consistencyTHEMES OF UNIVERSAL EMOTION1Happyaccomplish goal2 Sad beyond controlprevented from accomplish goal3 Anger under control blocked you from your wants4 Disgustsickenedrepulsed5Fearthreatening danger caused by unexpected6 Surprise new but not necessarily threateningsame culturesame facial expression ONLY in PRIVATE envisame emotions by blind or nonblindbiological causesurvivalEXPERIENCING EMOTION1Valence or 2Potency weak or strong3Activity active or passive ctrl vs no ctrl
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