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Lecture 6


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Gerald Cupchik

LEC 6C18 BODYEMOTION RELEVANCE EMOTION AND BODY ACTION LaycockREFLEX ACTION act in response to envibio survivalautomatic o Actionadaptation selfpreserve reproductive success ClaparedeCarrEMOTION RELATES TO ACTIONif you dont have that instinct for a particular situation you develop emotion o cant escape from snakefear induced pushes you to reactsignals a problemo emotionadaptive relies on energy to appropriate adjustmentWatsonPATTERN THEORY OF EMOTION Emotion innate instinct USUR 2partscan be shaped thru conditioningaid in selfpreservationheuristics for adaptive behappraisal good or badmaintain homeostasis comfy body lvlHowever they can hinder decision making for exampleYERKESDODSON LAWlow arousalbad performance tired for testhigh arousaltoo much mental nrg to focus on 1 particular subjecttherefore moderate lvl of arousalenough to motivate but not overwhelmEMOTION AND BODILY FEELINGEmotionevent emotionbodily changeaction o thought of pickleemotion of liking picklesuggest action to get a pickleeventbodily changeactionemotion James o thought of pickleprevious action determines how you label emotion ie I like them cuz I had one b4get pickleMaranonCannonAdrenaline Injectionsaffects sympathetic nervous sys st1 Degree Reaction 79subjective perception en froidcommon response awareness of body arousal X but not Xseparate felt emotion and bodily arousal nd2 degree reaction 21entire felt emotionpsych emotion superimposed on reactionapprehended as complete state psych motifmisunderstanding of bodily arousalMaranonTWO FACTOR THEORY OF EMOTION Emotion has
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