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G Cupchik

PSYC18Lecture 10 Slide 3Bodily reaction sustains cognition Role of the body in shaping and sustaining experience Next time something happens it happens faster When we talk about William James we have 3 pieces to it 1 William says there are bodily feedbacks that come from facegut and postural position and this feedback goes in a feedback loop sustaining the emotion Bodily reaction sustains that experience Its like a relation among noetic and organic Psychodynamic approach says that early from life certain situations involving family etc become symbolic Example hearing conflict between parents and hearing that throughout your life That conflict becomes a sub theme of your life If its powerful you can become sensitive to it laterIf they are sensitive later on you know something powerful happened early in lifePsychodynamic 1 Critical events happen early on They become paradigmatic for you 2 These are generally unresolved You are carrying on your emotions like a person carrying an emotional baggage History becomes emotions that are evocative Coping and defense mechanisms o Defense mechanisms because it avoids it intensityRational analysis means you put the truth on the table and being dealt with in responsible mannerBody feeds the mind and vice versa you cant get out of angersadness then you have to face itSlide 5Just because you can measu
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