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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

Assumption 1: Not gene but prenatal experience that is manipulated in embryonic activity Assumption 2: no other mechanism for how char. Expressed from one generation to next unless we have genes as carrier of our traits Conditioning env,, that repeats itself namely increased exposure to testosterone female-become male hormones Assumption 3: Genes Encapsulated Less methylation in expression of gene Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Contingent in env. Express or not –at risk for diabetes or less not good or bad but variation and how gene is getting expressed Learning to learn If you have interaction with parents then be smart and picks up thing quickly but what that says under good situations gonna develop better IQ and more motivation = good student keep it like that But we can now interrogate that what is it about early experience that produce this resuly why is less stimulating env, produce this kind of outcome Produce data to change how we think – test rats and let them habituate to learning tasks then ended up better – even if they have in dep
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