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Lecture 11

PSYC35 - Lecture 11

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 11 personal goals, how goal development influences and is shaped by traits the goals you adopt shape how your traits change goals are correlated with traits personality being manifest at three separate levels of expression this is a framework/organize personality theories levels of personality, what is it that we know when we know a person level 1: traits serve to explain the enduring consistencies in how people feel, act. traits are nothing more than the psychology of the stranger, they sketch an outline of who someone is. so to know more you have to feel in the details “sketching an outline” level 2: the stylistic ways in which you develop , attitudes, expectancies, goals, all the characterists expect traits. these fill in the details, how people adapt to changing circumstances “filling in the details” level 3: all the experiences are cumulated in a story, who you are as an individual, purpose direction in life, a narrative that summarizes our lives “integrating a life” what is the nature of goal development, how to make a sensible story out of all the changes that happen goals are hierrarchly organized, life goals do goals show the same rates of change as traits do the extent of continuity and change goals are an extension of traits, if personality traits rise, then major life goals rise if traits are rising, and goals are associated with traits, then goals should rise as well some are a better fit than others, the consequence of this is winnowing. so you star
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