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COUPLES AND FAMILYTHERAPY November 27, 2012 C OUPLES AND F AMILY T HERAPY  What it works on vs. who is in the room  Examples A family going to therapy to deal with a divorce A person going to therapy because she keeps blowing up at her kids A mother and child go to therapy to deal with child’s substance abuse problem A person goes to therapy to process abuse that happened when he was a kid A couple goes to therapy to address the husband’s cheating behavior A woman goes to therapy to deal with the verbal abuse from her boyfriend C OUPLES VS . FAMILY THERAPY  What is an importance difference?  What is success in couples therapy?  Premarital therapy does not reduce divorce.  Couples and family therapies can be  An extension of an existing therapy  Theoretically independent of individual approaches H ISTORICALT HEORETICAL UNDERPINNINGS  Indentified patient  Family was identified as the critical locus of the problem  Behavior of individual is interdependent and subject to mutual influences  Critical of approaches that seen the individual apart from the natural context  Rejected notion of biological causes of pathology PRESENT DAY CRITICISMS Male assumptions Cultural contexts Individual interventions Multiple causal agents for pathology G ENERAL SYSTEMS THEORY  Ongoing exchanges between parts of the system and outs
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