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Lecture 10

PSYC36H3 Lecture 10: PSYC36 Lecture #10 – Psychodynamic Therapy

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Amanda Uliaszek

Lecture10PsychodynamicTherapy Also called psychoanalysis This isnt very relevant today, but it was historical Sigmund Freud Trained as a medical doctor Pursued a career in science and academia Became a clinician Hysterical women patients o So women that just were emotional, were not conforming to standards of obedience and modesty and following what the husband said to do o They would be brought in to see Freud for Talk Therapy o He realized instead of doing medical treatments or instead of cutting out parts of brains, but just talking things through, the symptoms would go away Symptom Rationale: Psychosexual Theory He was great at writing and making elaborate theories to explain human nature Lack of nurturance or proper parenting at one discrete stage would result in fixation at that stage o Oral (02 years) Babies Everything is centered around the mouth sucking These theory that the baby needs the mothers breast all the time because they have an oral fixation that it had something to do with resolving this stage Making a clean break of mom and sucking at the breast or the hands So people who get stuck at this stage will be immature and overemotional because they were never able to disengage from the mother and sucking o Anal (24 years) Focused on potty training To poop and pee independently without needing help from mom Maybe the mother was overly punitive (punishing child if they didnt do it right) or overly permissive (training late, or letting them go to the washroom everything) These people would be anal retentive concerned with everything being clean Or the opposite is if theyre sloppy messes o Phallic (46 years) Children become more obsessed with their genitalia This is where you hear about the Oedipus complex when children discover they have genitals, the boys want to marry mother and kills mothers And the other for female Electra complex which is when girls want to marry their father and kill their mother There becomes strong sexual drives for the other opposite parent
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