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Amanda Uliaszek

Scientific approach to therapy, who it works for and why it works A intentional interpersonal relationship to aid problems in living -relationship isn’t meant to help with problem -no professional settings -therapist does not get help for own issues -goal to change about themselves “intrapersonal” -interpersonal goals how two people get along Who does psychotherapy -clinical psychologist -counsellors -psych nurses Who needs psychotherapy -reduced academics, hygiene, childcare =>impairment/distress in the dsm What stigmas do people have regarding therapy? -youre crazy, weak etc -hard to tell someone…brave Why is psychotherapy important study? -Some people don’t tolerate medication…expensive -gives human interaction What are common misconceptions about psychotherapists? -primarily psychoanalytic -ask about mother -not following confidentiality Hypnotism 1774: Mesmer -bedlem; chained to the floor -trepanning and lobotomies -leeches Psychoanalysis: First wave -first push of psychotherapy used to cure people -commonly used to cure hysteria: physical symptom with no biological cause …conversion disorder/somatoform 1886 Dreams >depressed and nondepressed people have same dreams Inkblots The talking cure Humanistic/Person-centered 1930s-1940s Carl Rogers -unconditional positive regard -peerson is the expert and you reflect it back to them and they hearing it they can achieve insight or self-actualization Modern Psychotherapy Second Wave 1950s: B.F. Skinner -behavior modification -animal models became huge -how behavior is reinforced and punished wi
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