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Lecture 9


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Michael Inzlicht

LECTURE 9 – WK 10 MAR 19 TH 2013 Neuropsychological Assessment and Screening What are the Uses Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment? • In clinical Neuropsychology (brain and behavior relationships), brain function is evaluated by objectively testing memory and thinking skills o Subjectively – uses impression instead of objective methods, less accurate • A very detailed answers of abilities is done, and the pattern of strengths and weaknesses is used in important health care areas such as diagnosis and treatment planning o Major memory problems -> reminders for memory Why might a patient be referred to a Clinical Neuropsychologist? • Neuropsychological evaluations are requested specifically to help your doctor and other professionals understand how the diff. areas and systems of the brain are working • Testing is usually recommended when there are symptoms or complaints involving memory or thinking o MMSE -> 30/30 is good Why might a Clinician Detect Changes in a Patient’s Functioning • Changes may be signaled by a change in concentration, organization, reasoning, memory, language, perception, coordination, and/or personality for instance, differentiating among Alzheimer’s, stroke, and depression - To establish a “baseline”, or document a person’s skills before there is any problem o In this way, later changes can be measured objectively o For example, determining whether there may be a progressive deterioration in cognitive functioning (e.g. a neurodegenerative disorder) or whether a concussion has affected an athlete’s cognition - To plan treatments that use strengths to compensate for weaknesses o Results help to identify what target
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