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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Hollis Moore

LECTURE 8 – WK 9 MAR 12 TH2013 Assessment of Normality and Human Strengths Broad Band Tests of Normal Personality  A broad band test is one that measures the full range of functioning, as opposed to limited aspects o BECK-> depression o More questions -> test/measures more things  Aspects of personality  Psychopathology o BBT -> helpful in everyday testing  More efficient than an interview  Patient might be bored, dishonest, inattentive  Questionnaire (not 100% accuracy)  How best to conceptualize the multifaceted notion of personality o Content validity -> does it measure N? or aspects of N? (Construct of validity) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  A forced-choice, self-report inventory that attempts to classify persons according to an adaptation of Carl Jung’s theory of personality types -> online, career, interview, job/research  Most widely used individual test in history – taken by app. 2 million ppl/yr o Traditional (self-report)  Questionnaire written response (internal diff.)  Four Theoretically independent polarities 1. Extraversion-Introversion 2. Sensing-Intuition -> “touchy”, “feely” 3. Thinking-Feeling 4. Judging-Perceiving  16 different Personality Types o Gain insight about how they see the world California Psychological Inventory  T/F test designed to measure the dimensions of normal personality (MMPI) – developed using criterion-keying (or empirical-keying) method  CPI – 260 o 20 folk measures (e.g., Dominance, Sociability, Self-Control)  A folk concept is a construct about personality that all people everywhere use to comprehend behaviour o 20 work-related scales (e.g., Managerial Potential, Leadership) o 3 Broad vectors 1. Toward People vs. Toward One’s Inner Life 2. Rule-Favoring vs. Rule Questioning 3. Self-Realization/Psychological Competence/Ego Integration  LIFESTYLES o Implementers -> leadership o Supporters -> workers, support LEADERSHIP o Innovators -> creators, nee the freedom to create o Visualizers -> look to future, see what should be happening NEO Personality Inventory – Revised - Latest is “NEO-PI-3” -> not very good validity scale - Based upon the FFM of personality - Very high internal consistency (high reliability -> corr. w/other items on the scale [Cronbach’s Alpha] and the test) and validity - Used in both research and clinical psychopathology o CDNs overall, are higher in A than US o USA->… o Can’t tie OCEAN to gene, neurobiological aspect Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) - Forced-choice test of personality - Includes a measure of intelligence -> O corr. w/intellect - Normed in 1970 - Predicated on Cattell’s factor analytic conception of personality - *16 Basic scales (“source traits”) + 4 second-order indices (“surface traits”) - Reliability and validity research is encouraging o Construct validity -> never a “right” way to test intelligence Example of a 16-PF Style Item I make decisions based on: a) Feelings b) Feelings and Reason Equally c) Reason Assessment of Moral Judgment - Stages of Moral Judgment for example: o Simple no: not right to steal and pay for drugs that are needed to save his wife (4 years old, non-western cultures) o Simple yes: right to steal in these circumstances (18+, North American) - Critiques of the Moral Judgment Scale
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