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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Mark Schmuckler

Last Lecture y Language and music have discrete principles that make use of syntactic processes y Are language processing and music processing separate or the same y Mental modules have a variety of characteristics y Fodor doesnt say if any one of these characteristics are important for something to be modular y These properties are typical rather than necessary or sufficient y One of these properties tend to be considered more important than others information encapsulation o Means that information processing that occurs in that module is immune from influence from some form of general operating system that is involved in other high level operations o Others have added the notion of domain specificity as being an equally important property o Question is whether there is a music module Even if there is it might not have separate neural processing circuitry y If musical module does have separate processing circuitry brain damage can cause selective musical deficits y Peretz has reported many cases of specific brain damage that causes deficits in musical abilities o At the same time can recognize spoken lyrics familiar voices environmental sounds o Called acquired amusia o Situations where discrimination between tunes words and other sounds o Maybe we see this dissociation as function of expertise o Most people are amateurs at recognizing musicCan argue that there isnt music module but general auditory recognition moduleThis account suggests that we wont be able to find people that have lost ability to recognize words but can still recognize words
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