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Ian’s Lecture  Results are disseminated through media: academic media etc.  Once media exists, it’s available for us to consume it.  Journalists change vocab to make it easy to understand  Adapting complex ideas that becomes digestful  THE PUBLIC  CONSENSUS o How do we determine what the truth is? Consensus has 2 faces: scientific and popular.  Scientific takes the form of reproducing results: if find something to be true should be able to do the experiement and get things out of it.  Scientific consensus : citations: say something is true but u don’t say its true, pnt to person and sayits true. The number of citations u can get adds to your professionalism. Ex noam Chomsky  Brin and page: the more citations u have, the more consensus there is about an idea. They applied this idea to popularity of pages on the internet.  CONFUSION o Chaos trying to rise ourselves collectively out of o When people make honest errors in the scientific process. o Rejecting an idea that was ereally true or accepting idea that was false: type 1 and type 2 errors.  When an idea is true and conclude its not true = missed opportunity and when
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