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Watson's Model replacing dsm's model

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Garry Leonard

Quantitative Hierarchical Model Part OneDSM 50 does not reflect Watsons ModelNext will be 51 because science is moving fast Moving from reliability to more scientific literature validityAnswer to quiz question Why should the DSM 4 structure of mood and anxiety disorders be changed to Watsons model Answer high comorbidity among disorders if its high maybe disorders are not separate Example GAD and depression have high comorbidity but are in different sections mood vs anxiety disorders If you take out the rule out criteria comorbidity is 90therefore they are basically the same NOS not otherwise specified is used a lotPTSD example you have to have criteria A event that in which you thought you may die or be injured or see someone else die be injured You have to meet criteria A to have PTSD People that do not meet this would be anxiety disorder NOS with PTSD features DSM IV diagnosis is based on 2 clinicians having the same diagnoses on someone with a disorder reliability They were not considering validity There are very few biological markers for many of the disorders therefore validity is hard to find Phenotypes symptoms are used in reliabilityTo make sure they could put the new diagnostic signs in the DSM there has to be an agreement on
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