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University of Toronto Scarborough
Public Policy
Scott Aquanno

Week 12  Sancton o Self-government requires that there be a territory delimited by official collectively agreed-upon boundaries o In urban government, boundaries are always contested = boundaries therefore fatally limit the capacity of cities to be self-governing o Further the focus must be on the city-region as a whole  Multiculturalism and Citizenship o Multiculturalism is the official recognition of the diverse cultures in a plural society o The policy encourages immigrants to retain and foster their linguistic heritages and ethnic cultures instead of abandoning them o Argues that Canadian identity is not undermined by cultural pluralism o Multicultural policy in Canada is largely based on the notion of deep diversity o Deep diversity = offers a two tiered model of understanding difference o -level 1 = corresponds to differences in culture and outlook o - level 2 = corresponds to an attachment to Canada as part of a founding nation (French, Aboriginal: Charter groups)  Taylor o Philosophical Defense:  The need for identity and recognition and identity has been a constant in human history  Identity is constructed in a social process of mutual recognition  The advent of modernity, in particular the liberal project of equality in the eyes of the law, isolated the individual from their community through obscuring difference  This process has led to the feeling of alienation and loss characteristic of modern society  Misrecognition of minority groups creates real stress and damage = therein lies the challenge to liberalism which is prepared to give equal rights to individuals but not to give special status or protection to groups  The politics of subaltern groups revolves around the need for recognition  = different cultures should be recognized but NOT legislatively equalized o Political Dynamics (traditional view):  The historical initiation and expansion of multicultural policy is the result of demands placed on the Canadian state by ethnic minorities  Immigration helped to change the power dynamics within the Canadian state by allowing ethnic minorities to gain political strength in numbers  The ability of minorities to lob
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