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POLC67 Lecture 2Certain constitutional amendments we have to delay 180 days onlyFour basic stepsoNotice motion amendment decisionPolicy initiatives will lead to policy changesSources of legislative policy advocacy groups court casesConstitutionality bills can be introduced in the house of commons or senate Money bills must be originated in the house of commonsParliamentary counsel work for both senate and house of commonsHow a bill is introducedoIn senate dont need to give a warning that a new bill will be introducedoIntroduced house starts with Cbill Senate S BilloThe appropriate minister would discuss the billoThe principle of the bill and the scope of the bill specifically about one thing and one thing only cant combine with non related stuff example transportation and abortionoThe senate cannot just say they dont want to proceed with the bill without a clear explanationo20 needs to be in House of commons to sit and 15 senatorsoFinal reading the tuning and editingoNeed to know hoist reasoned recommital stageoProrogation to end SESSION of parliamentoDissolution to end Parliament an triggers an electionLecture 3Institutions as constituting patterns of interactions There are ruleshuman inventionsRules that structure and choices of our behaviourInformal institutions or conventionsConfidence conventionidea that government it must be legitimate must support the majority of the house of commonsFoundation of democratic systemSet of rules that pattern the choices How we choose and in life and governed by the institutions we are operating onHow authority is distributed rankedInstitutions governing decision makersare very important in decision makingHow do you reduce an informal transactionraises costs of our transaction costs us time and stressFamily has sets of rules that we could reduce transaction costsHierarchy participation and decision making Competition between crown and parliamentThe Competition between crown and parliamentTo fight warsraise taxesRoots of Parliamentary democracy are deep and in return they get some say in decision making Competition between crownqueen and governor general and parliamentMonarchy loses it superiority and parliamentary becomes sovereignParliament WestminsterParliament to elected representativesput forth the interest of their people constituents Confidence is lost in the house of commons on the advice of the PM the GG dissolves the government and calls an electionemerged over time through conventionResponsible government political executive can only remain in office so long as it enjoys the confidence of a majority of the elected members of a legislatureBureaucracy helps the ministers make decisionsThey get their jobs based on their meriteducation test
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