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Key Terms for the Lecture on Sikhism: • Sikh o A unique religion • Sufism othe Islamic mystical tradition oderived much early inspiration from Hinduism • Sant tradition o a North Indian tradition o holy saint o devotional practice, Tantric yoga, Sufism contributed to its rise • Sant poets o there were 10 Sant poets 1. Nanak o The first Guru o Composed more than 900 hymns o blended Hindu and Muslim elements o Learned there is only ONE God Adi Granth o Verses/poems meant to be sung Sat Guru o True Teacher Om kara o Divine One Mardana o Nanak’s friend o Played music to Nanak’s devotional songs o Was Muslim 2. Angad nd o 2 Guru 3. Amardas o 3 Guru 4. Ramdas o 4 Guru 5. Arjan o5 Guru oSon of Ramdas oCreated the Adi Granth (sacred book) oWas killed b/c of emperors orders 6. Hargobind o6 Guru oSon of Arjan oPractice of wearing a sword 7. Harrai o 7 Guru th8. Harkishan o 8 Guru 9. Tegh Bahadur o 9 Guru th0. Gobind Rai (Gobind Singh) o 10 Guru • Khalsa o Military order for men set by the 10 Guru (Gobind) o Males took the name Singh=Lion • Akbar o Sikh emperor The Five K’s: • Kes: uncut hair • Kangh: hair comb • Kach: short pants • Kirpa: sword • Kara: steel bracelet *symbolizes braveness • Gurdwara o Key Terms for the lecture on Jainism: • Karmamarga: way of works • Ahimsa: non-violence • Sramanas: o Strivers o Live peacefully in the forest o Try to obtain self liberation • karma (in the context of Jainism) omaterial in nature ointention is important to determine the quality of karma (good/bad) • tirthankaras o“ford finders” oSurpassed the ocean of samsara and found moksa o24 teachers oThe women obtained liberation • Moksa okarma • Rsabha o1 tirthankara • Parsva o 23 tirthankara o Renounced wordly pleasures at 30 yrs old o Wondered through India Mahavira 24 tirthankara • Jina oVictorious one oHighest form of liberation Jainism Schools • Svatambaras o“white-clad” oAllowed people to wear white robes • Digambaras o“sky-clad” oWere strict on nudity • Acarya oQualified teacher oGoverns a monastic community • Anekanta o“many-sidedness” • syadvada oassertion with qualification • swastika owell being Key Terms for the lectures on Buddhism: Three vehicles: • Theravada / Hinayana o Small vehicle • Mahayana oThe Great vehicle • Vajrayana oThe diamond vehicle Triple Gems/Jewles •
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