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Henry Shiu

Sikhism  Conflicts between outsider and insider seen most clearly in this religion  Two very different theories about how Sikhism arose – insider vs. outsider understanding  Punjab: North Western India  Significant about this region = lot of conflict between Muslims and Hindus in the area o 13-14 century where Muslims tried to conquer and convert Hindus  Most devastating to Buddhist: 12century onwards, Buddhism became extinct in India! And went to neighboring China, Tibet and further Japan, due to the conquest of the Muslims 500 year period (starting 1526) starting of the Mughal empire Under this empire, much smoother and more tolerance; more peaceful about the coexistence of the other Religions – Indo-Islamic culture that was developed  Lots of architecture from elements of the two religions mixing  The Taj Mahal was built around that time – only happened due to the peaceful time Religious Background North Western part of India, religions are in conflict Both religions share common themes: o Compare bhakti yoga is the same as praying to a god which is like the element in the monotheistic religion of Islam Also mystical tradition: Hinduism where atman getting together with Brahma o Outside of our daily experience = MYSTICAL o Cannot use your words to describe it o It is temporary = TRANSCENDENTAL o Through this experience itself, one feels like one becomes one with the universe Spiritual master: in their transmission to a future generation o Cannot learn it in a book It is in these 3 that makes the religions able to mesh/merge Sant tradition = very popular in the North (much like Sikh)
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