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Lecture 5

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David Perley

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Lecture 5 Apocalypse textbook defines it as the end of the world more so end of an era o Armageddon o Cataclysmic Apocalyptic revelation unveiling visionary o Hebrew bible has an example Daniel o By third century BCE no kings o Connection between kings and messiah o Messiah Hebrew translationChrist anointed onecosmic savior from siaSpecial designationo Someone who would come to bring back justice get rid of evil obedientHessianic hopes wishing a messiah would come and help out o References a coming of a messiah seen in Isaiah70 CE Temple is destroyedJesus Birthday 33 CEIdea of death and destruction as punishment unless you repent and change your ways before the messiah arriveso On the side of good reward is life o Dont know about eternal life whether to will go to heaven or
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