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Lecture 5

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David Perley

Lecture 5 February 4 , 2013 Review: - Apocalyptic: End of the world  end of an era (end of one way of being) o Revelation o Vision o Unveiling o Visionary traditions - Messiah: Anointed one o Special designation by God o Hope for a king to come back to deal with injustice o No king for a king to come back o Impending moment in time when something is going to happen  Somebody will fix things & evil will be eradicated  Destructive components in apocalyptic traditions – evil people get wiped out o Foretold in tradition - Word messiah changes from Jewish to Christian traditions - Maccabean Revolt – Judah (Hammer) reclaims temple for short period of time - 70 CE – Temple destroyed, Messianic hope destroyed & when they revive tradition they make it not so reliant on this hope of a Messiah Jesus - Jewish sect, apocalyptic awaiting Messiah to come - Jesus is identified as the Messiah the Jewish were waiting for - Christians look back on Isaiah and his prophecy of a messiah  sees Jesus - [sidenote] Backreading: Almost for all religions, the people look back into the readings and tries to make sense of what‟s happening in their life then from the texts from before Lecture 5 February 4 , 2013 - Developed messiah to a cosmic level  „cosmic universal savior from sin‟ o Salvation o Can contrast to classic messiah: one who saves us from oppression, evil, injustice - Christo  Greek translation of Hebrew Messiah Apocalyptic (Christianity) - Early Christianity: Urgency to repent – because of no inkling of when messiah will arrive & if you do not repent then you will be punished o Repent figure things out! o Death & destruction as punishment o Reward: Long life, many children - Shift to focus after death – worried about Eternal Life o Right obedience heaven (immediate presence of God)  Reference to paradise (Garden of Eden) still exists but cut off from us o Wrong obedience  hell - We want to repent & be ready – Messiah was here, now he‟s gone, but he‟s going to be back - Focused changed from apocalyptic to eternal life (still have belief in apocalyptic history) Eschatology: When world is completely gone – there are only 2 ways to go (heaven or hell) Jesus in the Gospels - Jews are key figures in death of crucifying of Jesus - During this time, Romans controlled Jerusalem – did not like any sort of challenge o Jesus radical figure Lecture 5 February 4 , 2013 o Worked miracles - Jewish praying for the messiah & Christianity is growing out of that idea/impulse o Jewish: A messiah will arrive and kick the invaders (Romans) out of the Temple - Historically: The Romans way to punish – crucifying but apparently it was the Jews that ratted him out Mosaic “Composite Portrait” of Jesus - Jesus made up of pieces – diff community diff ideas - 4 perspectives  became gospels o They go off – preaches these lessons to groups & these groups believe & practice influenced by these gospels - Authors of these gospels – disciples of the apostles o Second, third hand account – can only piece together mosaic image of who he was - Pieces melded them tog
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