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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

- unified by 4 century and then from then on there’s a switch between the eastern and western church - “most apocalyptical literature is eschatological”  most is but not all o not synonymous o most is about the end times, judgment o how does heaven/hell get into this? - Christians are apocalyptical jewish sect o They’re eschatological o Concerned with end times, judgement and heaven/hell - sayings focus on an imminent end Gospels - ordered chronologically - Mark (oldest) o Winged lion – opens in the desert o Presents Jesus as savior of the gentiles o Written in approx. 65-70 CE o First reffered to in 130-140 CE - Matthew o Promised messiah of Israel - Luke o Famous gospel for Jesus expressing concern for the marginalized o Oral document written by the Luke community o Think same authors that wrote acts - Matthew, Luke, Mark are synoptic and use Mark as a source - John o Logos cosmic o Incarnation – word of god has become embodied in our reality o Latest chronologically Describing Q - these communities also had another document as a source - Germany is the key places for bible scholarship and german scholars identified as quella - Haven’t found it but postulated it exists - Characterize Q as a SAYINGS GOSPEL o Focus on sayings of Jesus his wisdoms; little narration o Words are given more significance than the moments in the story about his death and resurrection o Some of the early communities were into his sayins and not fully into the idea of the resurrection o A bunch of diff communities with a variety of ideas o Written for Jewish followers th - Jesus becomes Christ by 4 CE Consensus among historians - scholars would agree 1. BIRTH ~ 4 BCE; RAISED IN NAZARETH; BROTHER JAMES PIVOTAL IN EARLY CHURCH (50’S AND 60’S CE) - stories of James and peter in 2. THE BAPTISM OF JESUS - by John the Baptist (another priecher) - john the Baptist has symbolized as this as a ritual - jesus might’ve been a disciple of John at first (an apprentice) - or they might’ve been on competition (and agreed to participate in john’s ritual) 3. BAPTIST MESSAGE (OVERLAPPING WITH JOHN’S?) 4. FOLLOWERS: FISHERMEN, WOMEN, FARMERS - modest group of people following him 5. PUBLIC MINISTRY (3 YEARS) - radically short (then comes under the radar of the romans after becoming politically explosive and gets in trouble) 6. MINISTRY AROUSES SUSPICION 7. FULFILLMENT OF MESSIANIC PROPHECY AND CONFRONTATION AT TEMPLE - people at the time believed that HE was the person predicted in the Hebrew bible 8. LAST SUPPER; ARREST, CHARGED WITH TREASON - Real ritualistic last supper knew he was going to get arrested - killed by the romans 9. CRUCIFIXION (~30-33 CE); “KING OF THE JEWS” Symbols used in Christianity: - cross - holy grail (the cup he used at the last supper) - Fish Structure of the New Testament 1. 4 Gospels 2. Acts of the Apostles  Luke-Acts 3. Espistles  aka Letters (Paul believed to have written these) - letters are the earliest writings in the new testament (50-60 CE) - Paul comes later 4. Book of Revelation – APOCALYTPIC (Hebrew bible – Torah, Prophets, Writings) - 100 CE - stories in revelation as allegories (references to dragons and beasts) and the tradition itself tends to read this as an allegory about Rome – 666 (political reference to emperor Nero) - attribute a “John” as the author (might not be the same Gospel John) These 4 made the cut = CANON - Other gospels that didn’t make it (apocryphal) o Thomas (doesn’t talk about resurrection, focuses on Jesus’ wise sayings) – found in 1945 in Egypt o Peter Early formation of Christianity • ISRAEL  MEDITERRANEAN  ROMAN EMPIRE
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