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Lecture 1

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David Perley

Lecture 1Judaism Christianity and Islamall three can be categorized as monotheistic Monotheistic means the worship of one godReligion Spirituality monotheism and polytheism words of EnglishMonotheism and polytheism wouldnt typically be technically terms scholars would use to define religionwe can describe Judaism Christianity and Islam as monotheism but what is more important is that the traditions themselves is what describes them as monotheism how they do this is by contrasting what they believe their traditions to be with other people doSo the very idea of polytheism worship of many godsis internally constructed idea coming from monotheistic traditionsEast and WestRigered Kipling wrote the jungle book said East is east west is west and never the two shall meet however they have meet Western traditions are typically the monotheistic traditions Judaism Christianity and IslamAs an academic scholarreligion is not monotheism From a personal perspective sure you can believe religion is monotheism but in this course need to have an open mindReligion Historical contextSuperhumanReligion guides usAs man preserves GODFocus is on human beings and historyAs scholar we take the context of what they say and take that content and process it and synthesize it and come up with our own perspectivesReligion isBelief structureDogma Dogmarules an authoritative set of beliefs however when you have a tradition or authority that establishes something that can be called religionReligion is about BELIEF and monotheismQuest investigation etc Is about search for meaning answers ultimate questionsParticipant vs Scholar
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