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David Perley

10 Waves The problem with 10 waves is to think that religion has evolved from the older waves to the newer ones and that the older waves are no longer important10 waves is misleading in the sense that a religion can only be classified under one wave in reality a religion can be composed of several wavesIntro To JudaismJudaism is different than other religions because it doesnt have a specific founder that founded the religion there is a sequence to the development of the religionMonotheismAs Israelites emerges its not always clear even in Hebrew bible that the God of Jews is exclusive and no other Gods existTorahTorah has several different meanings such as 5 books of the Hebrew religion commandments of God Hebrew bible and all commentaries written on it including the Mishnah it could also mean a person who lives life according to gods commandmentsA book in which Jews seek to understand the message from GodTorah is also sometimes called 5 books of moses or PentateuchTorah was initially an oral tradition which was passed around Moses relayed them in oral formTorah is Book was written down by 200 BCE made of 5 main books Exodus Genesis Leviticus Numbers DeuteronomyHebrew BiblePentateuch is the first component of the Bible Torah or 5 books of Moses Exodus Genesis Leviticus Numbers DeuteronomySecond section is entitled as the prophets NeviimThird component is a collection of writings KetuvimTanakhHebrew Bible is made up of a TanakhConsists of the three components of the bible T N K Torah Pentateuch Neviim Prophets Ketuvim Collection of writingsGenesisBook talks about two different possible ways the world was created 1 God created order water land and the sky and then created humans for the planet 2 The story of Adam and EveEvents leading to Mosesin Hebrew texts Abraham is asked to sacrifice Isaac in Islam Ismail is to be sacrificedWhen he is about to sacrifice his son a goat jumps out from the bush and Abraham realizes he doesnt have to sacrifice his son he considers it a signIsaac is originally born through SarahIsaac sons Jacob is known as the famous one where Jacob wrestles an angel in which Jacob was given a new name Israel
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