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Henry Shiu

RLGB02H3Rituals and ExperiencesthTuesday September 18 2012Lecture 1Introduction What are rituals Something done in a routine manner Precise steps for the hope that your prays are answeredRoutine does not equal Ritualsschool is not a ritualRituals become tradition unique to humansmay recite incantations that you dont understand having faith is a stretch of our humanity Through rituals we deepen our faith in something we did not understandbelieve before Comparative course between Indian religions Outsiders perspectiveWhy do they have this belief The Different Conceptions of the Soul What is a soul This concept promises an afterlifethats what most religions are aboutA strange idea since we know we are going to die but we expect to live permanently after this life Maybe it is our yearning to live foreverJudged critically it is a strange ideaReligion takes us to another plan of existenceWhat is the purpose of being a good person If nothing existed afterwards no one would be ethical Jainism The idea of the soul is eternal with an infinite number of forms Reincarnationlife after life after lifeexisted as a different person before this life which is not the same life we live today Soul Jiva can be born as an insect take different forms and have enough good merits to be born as a human or even a deity Through this system you are given the meaning of life Straight forward and simple for the illiterate to understandCan attain liberation and free oneself from samsaracycle of life and deathand feel eternal bliss when one overcomes his karmaaction The soul has a principle but also exists as an invisible material that can absolve karmaif you have constant desire you will accumulate bad karma that obstructs you soul from reaching mokshaliberation If taken critically it gives you a way of looking at life what is goodbada complete orientation to the world Knowledge illuminates the room and also itself Not only a growing outward but a deepening inwardRight Knowledge 5 Kinds 1 Ordinary cognition2 Indirect Knowledge study knowledgeUse your minda See smokebelieve there is a fire3 Extraordinary Knowledge partial knowledgesuccess in removing obstructive karma4 Telepathy tell what others are thinking 5 Got to look at slides didnt get it Relative Judgement cannot give understanding of what the universe isbut rather give different perspectivesIf you never ate an apple you can only give different perspectives of what it is and not a definitive answerWe should let go of all our concepts but experience something transcendentalmust experience instead of being told what it is thTuesday September 25 2012Lecture 2 Brahman The source the manifestation of all The soul is something invisible to usWhat we really areThe feeling of an inner being that you identify as yourselfyou feel a presenceexperience something transcendental A state of inner reflectionan experience of some sort a personal feeling of your inner being the aftermath postmeditative experience For Jainism The soul is eternal in our death it follows our karma to its reincarnation soul known as jivaExperience before theoryIan Stevenson 20 Cases Suggestive of ReincarnationWithout the belief in karma the idea of soul and transmigration would not work karma in India means Actionevery action has a consequence
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