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Religion Lec 2 Notes

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David Perley

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RLG Lec 2 02/04/2011 18:22:00
The 10 waves
Are they rock solid?
What is intended by calling them waves?
Some things are still alive
Putting them in numbers alludes that they occur in a specific order sense
Waves makes it seem that religion can only go in one way, that they don’t intersect
Wave as a metaphor: can come and go, can return or re-enter into the picture
oWaves roll over and into each other-> fluidity
oCombination of different elements
oPast- present- develops
oChristian perspective
Bad thing, hybridity
Mixing- pollution of something pure
Not the way we use it in the academic sense

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Polytheism->superficial word->used by religious people to talk about other religions->sometimes
academics use words differently
oCultures or traditions that have multiple gods involved
oHierarchy might be
Angels, spirits, etc
What connects them is Monotheism
oMove away from the pantheon
One particular god
oPoint isnt that they are made up stories
oTraditions perspective
oNarrative (or story) that tells their story
o(Religious perspective call it history- sacred history)
->Actually frames their experience of the world
->Provides meaning
->Organizes people into certain classes-groups
->Organizes and manages the gods as well
->Tells origin stories->cosmos where did we come from etc

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

oOral perspective
They left something
Text is very limited
oSuggests that historians are limited when we go further back in time
oPre-history-> time where we have no evidence, very scant
oDon’t always have complete texts
oSome traditions are about recitation
oNot just written- textual information is always still oral
oof written texts as something final
the oral component is always there
Reading quietly to yourself was not common in the past.
Death/ After life
Differently in ancient traditions
After life in Greece is not a good place
oGray dull inevitable but not happy
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