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Waves of religion

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World Religions- RLGA01 September.14.2010
Religion- Lecture 1- Notes
Religion in eastern countries its all based on how it shapes there world
many of hte belifes and reglions all have sources to traced back to some point
from hinduism
there are many overlap similarities b/w certain religions :
osimilarities b/w hinduism and sikhism like:
the system of God
osmilarities b/w Buddhism and Janism like:
karma and rebirth
no creator the things are there for a reason there is a certain cause
there is no begining of the univerise
Eastern Traditions:
oSikhism is the product of = Hinduism + Islam
moderm reglion people say this
a merge b/w those two religions
practice widley now a days in the western areas
to call it an eastern religion it is quite misleading because its practices all
over the world
oReligions are all over the world were they came from is based on where they
orginate from so east or west
based on the organization of these reglions – based on geographical
location of where these relgions come from
oHinduism, Janism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and Shinto—these
are all umberella terms
all misleading like eastern religions

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World Religions- RLGA01 September.14.2010
In Tabiten Buddhism- the tempeles are all very colourful and lots of
statues. People go to the tmeple for blessings. In other buddhist temples
its not colourful and people go to meditate to reach englighment. OR
belifs, rituals and final stage of enlightment
omost eastern religions believe in reincarnation and rebirth
Ten Waves of Religion
oscholars found in teh development of religion:
1. Shamanism
shamains are people that have psyhic power and does medicals events
like cures at sometime in the ancient time these people know how to
treat the sick. If people get sick they vist hte Shamins to get herbal
medications or to communicate with the divine or to pray for a better
these people have the ability to talk and to communicate with god and
the higher existance.
many of htese ppl came the leaders of there town, tirbe
Shamins were siad to be kings/leaders
2. Connecting to the Cosmos
where humans come from? these types of questions arise
people that find ways to connect with the cosmos
believe huans are a product or humans are somehow connected to the
3. Temple Religion
instulaization of hte practice and belif
ways to reconnect with the cosmos
a temple being a structure to achieve spirtual goals
became scared and allowed to be closer to the ultimate reality
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