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Lecture 4

SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals, International Development

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Sheldon Ungar

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Midterm example questions
1. Sustainable development goals are
a. A set of global development agenda that succeeded the millennium
development goals
b. Set to expire 2030
c. A set of frameworks and targets drafted by multiple institutions and endorsed
by UN
d. All of the above (ANSWER)
2. Amartya sen’s framing of development as freedom means that
a. Development should be measured by the purchasing power of one’s salary
b. Development should be measured by the degree of participation in political
c. Development should be measured by the individual's ability to live their lives
in ways they value (ANSWER)
d. None of the above
3. According to sumner (2006), a common critique of development studies is that
a. Fails to provide a grand theory of universal development
b. Is a neo-colonial enterprise and acts to perpetuate the inequalities created by
colonialism (ANSWER)
c. Does not take into account classical economic theories
d. All of the above
Lecture START
UofT statement on its location on Aboriginal land
Canadian governments have apologized for past injustices against Aboriginal peoples
(residential schools etc)
Understanding the historical relationship b/w colonialism and the idea of development
Context matters - ideas arise from complex social and political milieu (product of its time)
Ideas evolve - often difficult to break from outdated ideas
Theory/Practice Timeline (1940 to 2010s)
Modernization theory, post war,40s to 60s
Rebuilding destroyed european countries
US aid in rebuilding and industrialization
Dependency theory
Emerged from latin america in 70s
World split (west vs russia, and remaining third world)
Many 3rd world countries were former colonies, this is the case in Latin
Separation into global north and global south
Growth of global north often dependent on resources from global south
Crops, coffee, beans
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