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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mc Kinon

SOCA01 lecture 6 Sexuality and Gender Sex represents essentialism(refers to biological features) Gender is nurture(refers to who you are, the term sociologists use for it is your identity, whether you play masculine or feminine roles according to culture) Significant decrease in malefemale roles( ie female police officer) Gender can cause huge changes to occur Sociology of sexualitygender Sex industry( prono, prostitution sex workers) Sex has been a taboo in history, no one talked about it o shes in a family way said instead of the word pregnancy in order to avoid confrontation of sexuality Avoided eye contact during sex at the time, dont look at the mantle piece when you evoke the fire Erotophobic(phobia against anything sexual) o A religion can be called erotophobic(ie Ancient Egyptians, but Ancient Greeks didnt have any hang ups confronted sex directly) These cultures influenced how pople looked at it Freuds model of the mind(id,ego,superego) o Libido was sex drive, most important determinant of human behaviour o Sex drive located in id where instincts are found o Superego is where cultural(morality) resides o Libido is at war with superego according to many cultures o Ego mediates between the conflicting impulses o Every human has internal conflicts o Freud put sex on the table, many started studying it after him
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