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Lecture 8

SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: May 1968 Events In France, Virology, Berlin Wall

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Sheldon Ungar

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Slide 1: Week 8 Culture, Media, Social Media
Living in the midst of the digital revolution
Nothing is certain & we often get it wrong
Slide 2: 95’s Mass Media
Mass Society Hypothesis
Media homogenizes everyone
Hollywood films
Slide 3: First media breakthrough
Key elements
Remote controls
Initially driven by porn
Increase choice and control
Ed real tie - shos ould e reorded. You did’t hae to ath it at real
Slide 4: Second media breakthrough
Key elements
Micro chip
Vastly increase choice and control
Overabundance of media
500 channels, Netflix, Anywhere TV
Social media
Slide 5: Media and Protest
Has the new media revolutionized revolts?
To answer we need ...?
Historical knowledge
Broad and systematic comparisons
Slide 6: Media and Protest
Vietnam war versus Iraq War
Vietnam Quite (a number of protests cause it was the first TV war)
Split American society
Massive protests
Chicago 7
Slide 7: TV and Iraq...?
Jouralists eedded uits
Images and film vetted and controlled in Iraq
Is TV enough?
In Vietnam war the US army had a Draft army vs. but in Iraq war they have a Volunteer
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Slide 8: Dallas the show and the end of Communism
Soviet Union
Censorship vs. VCR
saizdat uder- ground tapes/ videos
Slide 9: TV and Revolution, 1989
Tiananmen Square
Berlin Wall
Slide 10: Beyond TVNew Connectivity
Cell phones, Twitter and revolt
Slide 11: Paris riots, 2007 Timeline of 10 nights
Attributed to cellphones, twitter
Slide 12: German riots, 1918 (Pre-internet, TV; Radios and phones were limited)In five
days the revolution spread
Throughout Germany from a small
Town Kiel
There was no media but there was genera
Slide13: Myanmar (Burma) uprising, 2007
Slide 14: Iran revolt, 2009
Slide 15: Black lives matter
Key difference from pastsocial media
Slide 16: Some issues hardly ever appear
Congo War
War Central African Republic
Slide 17: Social constructionist perspective: How issues become newsworthy
claims-making (tons of this)
Public issues (far fewer)
Celebrity issues (rare) e.g. 9/11
Slide 19: Media attention
Aout of edia attetio to a issue is ofte urelated to its ojetie seriousess
i.e. Socially constructed
ote: it is ot alays easy to easure seriousess Mad cow --now 25 vs TB --
3 million (is mostly curable). Mad cow has more media coverage than TB or
eigitis ause i the est e do’t see these thigs as a threat to us lo
dread potential)
how serious is missing child??
exaggeration--MORAL PANIC
Slide 20: Stephen Morose (eminent virologist)
I find it dismaying how the press reports epidemic diseases. Over the past 2 weeks we
have heard frequently about 10 cases of mad cow disease in England. Meanwhile, a
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