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Textbook notes sociology Part 1 chapt8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Chapter 8: Social stratification Patterns of social inequality Social Stratification: the way which society is organized in layers//strata Economic Inequality in Canada  Canada is the world’s most prosperous countries  Families earned almost 79,000 on average  Increases in family income adjusted for inflation were most rapid at the end of WW2 until the economic downturn began in 1973  Avergage family income then became quite stable Purchasing power of families rose because  Economic productivity increased as workers skills and technologies improved  Large numbers of women entered the paid labour fource starting in the 1960s  Dual families are the norm now * Before, it was only the male (1950s) Level of inequality of income in canada is put in perspective two ways  How deos income inequality in caanada compare with income inequality in other countries  Income inequality is the lowest in Denmark and highest in US, Canada is between  Also: how does income inequality change over time? o Little between 1951-2008. The bottome quintile received 6.1 percent of total income. Richest increased its share from 41.1 to 43.5 percent  Income inequality has widened in most countries but not Canada Explanations of Income inequality  The job a person holds plays a large roles  Other jobs pay
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