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Sexuality and Gender Contd
Transgendered people Defy societys gender norms and blur widely accepted
gender roles
Transsexual Individuals who believe they were born with the wrong body and
want to alter their gender by changing their appearance or resorting to medical
Homosexuals People who prefer sexual partners of same sex; usually call
homosexual men gay and homosexual women lesbians
Bisexual People who enjoy sexual partners of both sexes
HermaphroditeGreek god Hermes and Aphrodite, characteristics are inside the
Culture has generally been uneasy, ambiguity,
In Thailand it is generally accepted, no stigma
Navajo viewed as supernatural
Gender identity is out of sync with body (transgendered people)
Meterosexuality- heterosexuals, they are extremely concerned about hair, skin, nails
(David Beckham)
Gender Identity- A persons identification with, or sense of belonging to, a particular
sex- biologically, psychologically and socially
Apparent in all times in history (ancient Greeks promoted gayness in army,
Some chimps are gay too
Nature and Nurture argument (Nature^)
Gayness can be learned, in prisons homosexuality behaviour is widespread (nurture)
^ supports bisexuality
Our society has recently recognized homosexual marriage
Around 54% of population approve of gay marriages (Canadian)
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United States- most dont approve
Members of society prefer heterosexuality
There is substantial evidence that homosexuality may be biologically developed
Thats why sociologists dont bother with its origins
Psychiatric institutions thought it to be an emotional state, later dropped
Transgendered: are cross dressers, males would engage in traditional female
activities is they are transgendered
Some cultures make room for people like that^
E.g. Aboriginals make room for those people
Grasshoppers have sex in sexually programmed way
Sexual Position
South seas men and women didnt have sex that way (women on bottom)
Kissing Styles- where is it ok
Modesty can vary as well, Victorian era, erotic, what part of the womens body had
sexual connotations (ankles)
Samoa- navel considered erotic
Sumatra- knees
Intercourse- when you can and when you cant have it
Some cultures are strict, sex is only permissible only after marriage
Some permissive cultures (south seas) Tahiti, when Europeans arrived, the sailors
passed STDs
Sexual Controversy- sometimes its associated with violence, aggression and hostility
Sexual Aggression-can take several forms, harassment, rape, verbal abuse, physical
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