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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

October 28 , 2010 -cohabiting: man and woman living together -decline in the traditional nuclear family because marriage are decreasing, divorce rates are rising, larger number of children are being raised outside of marriage, lots of children being raised in single parent homes -50% of Canadian children spend time in a single parent home up until their 18 -traditional nuclear family is a minority -if you are in a common law (live together but aren’t married) situation the government sees that as a kind of marriage -if a common law marriage splits up you may be looking at support payments -family is considered the fundamental unit for society -functionalists say that society could not survive without family -the family does a great service to society by socializing; socializing children and preparing them for school -sexual regulation is a function because we want to maintain kinship organization (ex. Children inherent the property of their parents) -the incest taboo is close to being universal -in bilateral systems the incest system applies to close relatives, parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. -exception is ancient Egypt’s, brother sister marriage was allowed in royal families, keep the purity of the royal blood line -the incest taboo is both nature (marrying with close relatives) and nurture (restricts sexual competition from families) -marriage was undertaken to form alliances and improve your social standing -social identity, ethnicity and religion are given to you by family -legitimate birth allows inheritance -social placement is important; giving children and identity which they can take with them into society -Harry Harlow: did important experiments with monkeys. Found that for primates (ourselves) that close physical contact is necessary Family: -Particularism: based on your parents accepting you for whom you are; we need relationships like that to launch us into the future -Affect: emotional relationships Society: -Universalism: based on what you have to offer; the outside world doesn’t have compassion for you as an individual -Impersonality: you are evaluated based on only your performance; much more cold and distant and objective in the outside world -Family is also called a haven (home) in a heartless world -Family is a paradox- got some good and negative (violence/conflict) things -functionalists tend to see the traditional nuclear family as the norm -social reproduction of inquality -the least patriarchal societies today are capitalists -Engel’s claims the family concentrates wealth and reproduces the class system -patriarchy is more widespread that conflict theorists say; it seems
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