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SOCA01 Lecture 1

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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA01 Lecture 1: Sept 11, 2008 Concept Moral Panic -exaggerated threat to societal values, by folk devils Some data on exaggerated fear of crime -Child homicide by strangers are actually low -parents are in fact the most significant group of child killers Canada: highest age-group murder rate? -babies younger than one year old Other moral panics include: anthrax, lysteria, and second hand smoke Begin with a concept -a definition -examples to fill it in: images and stories -data -use of application Brym Chap 1 -Illustrating the “sociological imagination -using history and cohorts C.W Mills -well known sociologist in 1960’s -wrote books such as “the sociological imagination” -intellectual hero Sociological Imagination -translate personal troubles into public issues -understand how life changes affect people Examples: cancer, unemployment, date rape Intersection of three variables 1. History (e.g. the depression, plagues) 2. Social Structure (Where you are born in hierarchy or society) – most of history, you were better off born male 3. Biography (of individual) -personal differences -e.g. Winston Churchill prime minister of England, slept 3 hours a day, but he was able to write many books and also won Nobel Prizes Look at History Concept COHORT: -set of people born at the same time -experience similar things at the same age (especially teen years) -What is the most famous cohort in history? BABY BOOMERS -Followed by: baby bust, MTV generation, generation X, know nothi
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