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Sheldon Ungar

Sociology: Dollars area Girl’s Best Friend? Female Tourists’ Sexual Behaviour in the CARIBBEAN  Sex tourism vs. romance tourism  Tourist-related-sexual-economic exchanges take place in economically underdeveloped countries  Complexity of power relations  Patterns of sexual interaction b/w tourist women & local men differ from patterns of sexual interaction b/w tourist men & local women  Formally organized female prostitution in Jamaica and Dominican Republic for tourist men  Female street prostitution  limited sexual services for set fee  Tourist men provide demand for these services  No equivalent commercial market of male prostitutes for female tourists  Male tourists enjoy gendered economic & racialised power over local females  Local women report being abused by tourist clients  Beach boys not vulnerable to violence from female tourist sex partners or police harassment/ legal prosecution  Prostitution laws in both areas designed to control female, not male sexuality  # of North American & European who migrated to marry w/ local bf made on holiday ended up in extremely abusive relationships  no action taken to protect them  White men’s whiteness never called into question by their sexual contact w/ black women (unlike for females)  Important to work towards developing a theoretical framework that can accommodate the complex & contradictory interplay b/w gendered, raced & economic power  Male sex tourism vs. female romance tourism  Sexual behaviour of women is interpreted and judged differently from that of men simply b/c they are women  Sexual relationships b/w local men & tourist women are typically relationships b/w individuals who are massively unequal in terms of economic and political power  Diversity and complexity of sexual economic exchanges b/w tourists & locals = huge Chinese Immigrants- SOCA02  Study on Chinese in Saskatchewan o Collected detailed life histories of elderly Chinese w/ ref to work experiences in Canada Chinese Immigrants on the Canadian Prairie:  Initial wave of Chinese immigrants  miners from west coast of US and immigrants from china  Chinese labours recruited to fill labour shortage esp during construction of Canadian Pacific Railway  Anti-chinese bills  restrict their civil rights  1 bill, head tax = $50 & ↑ to $100 then $500
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